Chapter 1, Installment 1 – 10/12/12

Chapter 1, Installment 1 - Oct 12, 2012


  • Fore, Aft, Port, Starboard, Dorsal, and Ventral refer to the front, back, left, right, top, and underside of a vessel, respectively. A combination of these, such as “starboard bow, refers to a direction that is to the front and right of a ship. (Think of North-East on a compass)
  • Miasan ships generally use beams that rely on a regulated beam of energized electro-plasma. Furthermore, the Miasans combine this beam with a ‘gliding’ system that imbibes the beam with (or ‘glides’) some antiprotons. This, in combination with the temperature and density of the electro-plasma, gives the beams a distinctive yellow-orange color.
  • While Astean ships can come with a wide range of armaments, the cannons featured in this installment rely on a device that emits a powerful periodic burst of energy known as a pulsewave. A superheated, ionized gas is magnetically charged and formed into a cannon bolt in a prefire chamber. Then, another similar magnetic charge is stimulated to repel the superheated bolt away in the opposite direction. This means that the cannons do not have a very impressive range, as the fired bolts will dissipate into space after a certain point in time. Their effectiveness in combat depends on the firing range and the velocity and rate at which they are fired. New advances in technology means that multiple bolts can be fired before a cannon needs to temporarily deactivate in order to cool the prefire chamber. The particular collection of gases and added particles that the Asteans typically use gives their weapons the distinctive sky-blue color seen here.


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