Hi! Anik here. ASTEA is my new attempt at a weekly science fiction comic. I’ve been doing editorial cartooning for The Daily Texan, the official student-run publication at the University of Texas, also the longest-running one of its kind. I’m a composer, singer, songwriter, and artist currently living in Austin, TX.

Astea is a complex, multi-layered story about politics, warfare, genocide, espionage, greed, corruption, disillusionment, rebellion, resistance, cultural contamination, intervention and non-intervention, doves and hawks, decisives and indecisives, and ruthless autocrats and innocent bystanders.

It is a tale of a diverse and expansive galaxy complicated by various factions vying for power and control. It is a tale of those who would destroy and enslave primitive civilizations to gain access to precious resources, and of those who will risk their lives to guarantee the safety of undeveloped species who are blissfully unaware of the power struggle that exists just beyond their atmospheres.

It is a tale of Alesiar, whose military career will be jeopardized as he is forced to make tough decisions on matters that could fundamentally change the face of the galaxy, and cause repercussions that last for millenia.

It is a tale of the Asteans, an ancient, highly-advanced race of humanoids, who are on the verge of discovering a secret that will shake the very core of their society and its beliefs. It is a tale of the Tireans, and their never-ending quest to discover the perfect balance between government guidance and individual initiative. It is a tale of the Voremxi, and the one piece of essential detail their religious texts forgot to mention. And it is a tale of the Sa’ari, who become the poster children for other less-developed species suffering their fate, at the center stage of a fight they never asked for.

Who is wrong? Who is right? Who will come out on top? Who will be pushed aside? Who will be left behind? And who will find peace? The answers may not be so simple, and they will not be easy to understand. They will always lie beyond the next asteroid belt or gas giant, beyond the next star cluster or proto-nebula, beyond the next defense-line or fleet staging ground, beyond the next trade hub or convoy route, or beyond the next quantum singularity or unknown anomaly, waiting to be discovered, whether in familiar space or in unknown expanses. The search continues – stay tuned for the next installment of ASTEA!

Check out some of my music and stuff at these sites:
| youtube.com/anikmusic | anikmusic.com |

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